Petroleum - the tried and tested multi-talent.

As a source of energy & the basis of numerous products.
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Our product portfolio in petrochemicals

As one of the most important subfields of organic chemistry, petrochemistry offers a wealth of opportunities for the manufacturing industry. This is because our substances – based on crude oil and natural gas – serve as the basis for numerous products. In addition, our liquefied gases can be used as fuels for machinery, motor vehicles and for heating. Through our Europe-wide network of supply and forwarding partners, we guarantee you the best possible security of supply – always on fair terms, of course.


Even though the development of sustainable alternatives is becoming increasingly important, petrochemicals have remained indispensable to our everyday lives. As an essential component of plastics, paints and coatings, solvents, candles and much more.

Liquid gases

They serve as a raw material in the chemical industry, as an efficient fuel for motor vehicles, and as a reliable energy supply in industry. Compared to other materials, the use of liquefied gases is already helping to reduce CO2 emissions.


Whether as a CFC-free refrigerant or for foaming building materials: Pentanes are environmentally friendly, offer a wide range of applications and have proven themselves in practice.

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